Pump Priming

The National Epitaxy Facility operates a ‘Pump-priming’ scheme where a limited amount of wafer resource can be made available to researchers free of charge and without the need for a current EPSRC grant. The rationale for the scheme is to stimulate UK strategic activity in III-V and Group IV semiconductors with the expectation that the recipient will, within 6 months, write a full EPSRC proposal building on the results of the feasibility study.

Potential users of this scheme should contact the facility via email through Angela Warren email: epitaxyfacility@sheffield.ac.uk and they will be placed in contact with a relevant member of the National Epitaxy Facility growth team to discuss their technical requirements and to advise on feasibility.

Users should then submit a completed proforma (NEF Pump Priming Proforma – see downloadable form at the bottom right) outlining the strategic need for the work, the principle(s) to be demonstrated, the resources required, the time-scales involved and a statement indicating how a full EPSRC proposal should result from the successful conclusion of the short study/demonstration.

Each request will be considered for approval by the National Epitaxy Facility Pump Priming Committee with the selection of projects based on scientific quality, strategic need, and the Facility capability.

The scheme is open to all persons who normally qualify to hold an EPSRC grant.