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The National Epitaxy Facility plays a central role in enabling UK University research through provision of high quality Semiconductor Epitaxy for custom designed structures and devices. The facility has expanded from the provision of III-V materials and devices to include group IV epitaxy and hybrid III-V/Group IV epitaxy. As well as supporting UK university research we play an equally significant role in enabling developments in UK industry with many companies utilising our expertise, knowledge and world class facilities to further their businesses. Contact us to find out how we can help you with our facilities, expertise and consultancy services.

EPSRC announce call for Statement of Need for National Research Facilities (July 2020)

In response to this call from EPSRC, The National Epitaxy Facility will be organising a Statement of Need (SoN) submission for future epitaxy requirements in the UK. Our current Facility serves a broad community of users accessing III-V and Group IV semiconductor materials and devices. Your input is vital in defining a service that fully supports the needs of the UK semiconductor community to conduct research at an international level of excellence.

We are organising an on-line community consultation meeting on 9th and 14th October 2020. If you are interested in attending, please email epitaxyfacility@sheffield.ac.uk. We recently circulated a simple questionnaire (see below) to the community to help us with the organisation of this meeting. We estimate this questionnaire will take less than 5 minutes to complete.
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The questionnaire will remain open until 30th September and if you have not already completed it we strongly encourage you to do so in order that we can cater for as broad a cross-section of the community as possible in October.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Professor Jon Heffernan, Director The National Epitaxy Facility

The full SoN submission deadline is 30th November 2020, and the intent to submit deadline is 31st August 2020.
EPSRC Call For Statement Of Need

The National Epitaxy Facility is one of EPSRCs National Research Facilities and is renewed on a 5-year basis. The renewal process starts with a call for a Community Statement of Need (SoN) for such a Facility, followed by a full call for proposals.

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