Research Updates

March 2020

Continuous-wave quantum dot photonic crystal lasers grown on on-axis Si (001).

Published 20 February 2020. Nature Communications. Zhou, et al.

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July 2018

Monolithic quantum-dot distributed feedback laser array on silicon, Wang et al published in Optica Vol.5, Issue 5, pp528-533 (2018)

This article was written by Yi Wang, et al, and is an example of work relating to silicon technologies by UCL who is one of our partners, led by Professor Huiyun Liu. Whilst this paper cannot be attributed to the National Epitaxy Facility, we are sure it will be of interest to our readers .....

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December 2017

Monolithically Integrated Electrically Pumped Continuous-Wave III-V Quantum Dot Light Sources on Silicon

In this paper, we report monolithically integrated III-V quantum dot (QD) light-emitting sources on silicon substrates for silicon photonics. We describe the first practical InAs/GaAs QD lasers monolithically grown on an offcut silicon (001) substrate due to the realization of high quality III-V epilayers on silicon with low defect density, indicating that the large material dissimilarity between III-Vs and silicon is no longer a fundamental barrier limiting monolithic growth of III-V lasers on Si substrates .....

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August 2017

Electrically pumped continuous-wave III-V quantum dot lasers on silicon

Reliable, efficient electrically pumped silicon-based lasers would enable full integration of photonic and electronic circuits, but have previously only been realized by wafer bonding .....

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