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February 2024

NEF MOVPE Research on Telecom Quantum Dots Published

MOVPE-grown telecom quantum dots developed at the National Epitaxy Facility MOVPE are topic of the latest research article titled ‘Purcell-enhanced single photons at telecom wavelengths from a quantum dot in a photonic crystal cavity’.

InAs/InP Quantum Dots were grown via droplet epitaxy on the Facility’s MOVPE Aixtron reactor to operate within the telecoms C-band.

The National Epitaxy Facility’s Director Professor Jon Heffernan, Research Director Professor Maurice Skolnick and Head of MOVPE Dr Elisa Sala co-authored the article with the Department of Physics at the University of Sheffield, which was published in Scientific Reports in February 2024.

Click here to read the full article.

a) Schematic cross-section of the QD semiconductor wafer. b) Schematic of an L3 cavity optimised for a high Q factor. c) High power non-resonant measurement of L3 cavity modes in a PhCC designed to have a high Q factor. d) Scanning electron microscope image of a fabricated L3 cavity that has been optimised for far-field collection.