Research Updates

August 2017

Electrically pumped continuous-wave III-V quantum dot lasers on silicon

Reliable, efficient electrically pumped silicon-based lasers would enable full integration of photonic and electronic circuits, but have previously only been realized by wafer bonding. Here, we demonstrate continuous-wave InAs/GaAs quantum dot lasers directly grown on silicon substrates with a low threshold current density of 62.5 A cm -2, a room-temperature output power exceeding 105 mW and operation up to 120 oC. Over 3,100 h of continuous-wave operating data have been collected, giving an extrapolated mean time to failure of over 100,158 h. The realization of high-performance quantum dot lasers on silicon is due to the achievement of a low density of threading dislocations on the order of 105 cm-2 in the III-V epilayers by combining a nucleation layer and dislocation filter layers with in situ thermal annealing. These results are a major advance towards reliable and cost-effective silicon-based photonic-electronic integration.

Siming Chen,Wei Li,Jiang Wu, Qi Jiang, Mingchu Tang, Samuel Shutts, Stella N. Elliott, Angela Sobiesierski, Alwyn J. Seeds,Ian Ross, Peter M. Smowton and Huiyun Liu. Nature Photonics, Vol. 10 (2016)


Read full paper: Nature Photonics, Vol. 10 (2016)