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December 2021

Research Associate Vacancy in Molecular Beam Epitaxy

This is an exciting opportunity to join our team.  You will provide bespoke epitaxial wafers and expert advice to members of the UK academic and industrial research community and will carry out research into MBE growth of a variety of novel materials and devices including lasers, LEDs, detectors, quantum dots and transistors.

You will be responsible for the development of MBE growth of arsenic, phosphorus and antimony based III-V semiconductors and will have access to the extensive MBE facilities in the Department (four reactors). As well as delivering an excellent expert service and collaborating with world-class semiconductor researchers in the UK and internationally, you will also be involved the development of the epitaxy technique itself; investigating such major innovations as site-control of quantum dots, new methods of controlling interface quality, and the development of novel materials combinations such as antimony and bismuth materials. You will play a critical role in the development of unique and pioneering device concepts through world-class advanced MBE growth.

The post provides an ideal and exciting opportunity to make a difference in this highly topical field and to lead high quality research in collaboration with leading researchers and industry.

Further details and an application form.