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January 2020

Launch of Sheffield Quantum Centre – 22nd January 2020 & Official Opening of new MBE Cluster Tool

The £2.1m Quantum Technology new MBE Cluster Tool for growing state-of-the-art semiconductor materials at University of Sheffield is officially opened by Lord Jim O’Neill and Professor Koen Lamberts, Vice-Chancellor and President.

Quantum technologies are a broad range of new materials, devices and information technology protocols in physics and engineering. They promise unprecedented capabilities and performance by exploiting phenomena that cannot be explained by classical physics.

Quantum technologies could lead to the development of more secure communications technologies and computers that can solve problems far beyond the capabilities of existing computers.

Research into quantum technologies is a high priority for the UK and many countries around the world. The UK government has invested heavily in quantum research as part of a national programme and has committed £1 billion in funding over 10 years.

Led by the University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering and Department of Computer Science, the Sheffield Quantum Centre will join a group of northern universities that are playing a significant role in the development of quantum technologies.

The University of Sheffield has a strong presence in quantum research with world leading capabilities in crystal growth, nanometre scale device fabrication and device physics research. A spin-out company has already been formed to help commercialise research, with another in preparation.

Professor Maurice Skolnick, Director of the Sheffield Quantum Centre, said: “The University of Sheffield already has very considerable strengths in the highly topical area of quantum science and technology. I have strong expectation that the newly formed centre will bring together these diverse strengths to maximise their impact, both internally and more widely across UK universities and funding bodies.”

During the opening ceremony, the Sheffield Quantum Centre launched its new £2.1 million MBE cluster tool attended by Lord Jim O’Neill, Chair of Chatham House, Professor Koen Lamberts, Vice-Chancellor and President, University of Sheffield, Professor Jon Heffernan, Director of National Epitaxy Facility, Professor Chee Hing Tan, Head of Department, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, and Dr Anke Davis, Head of Quantum Technologies, UKRI Engineering and Physical Sciences (pictured with staff members at the National Epitaxy Facility).

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