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February 2021

Job Vacancy, Research Associate in Semiconductor Photonic Devices

“Hetero-Print” is a recently funded EPSRC Programme Grant that aims to develop a scalable manufacturing technology for the heterogeneous integration of photonic and electronic devices in microsystems. Based around a micro-transfer print process, the project will utilise novel  programmable elastomer stamps to print a range of devices such as lasers, LEDs, detectors and quantum circuits. By creating a new generation of integrated functional electronics the research will lead to exciting new innovations in robotics, displays, photonic integrated circuits, sensors for healthcare, and quantum information processors.

The Sheffield post will be based within the Semiconductor Materials and Devices Group in The Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering and the successful applicant will work closely with colleagues in the Department of Physics, the EPSRC National Epitaxy Facility (, project partners at the Universities of Glasgow, Strathclyde, Cambridge and Manchester and with associated industrial collaborators.

The role will focus on the development of III-V compound semiconductor structures tailored specifically for integration within the micro-transfer print process. The role will encompass the design of new photonic device structures for integration, development of novel sacrificial layers and etch chemistry for device lift-off, strain engineering of thin semiconductor membranes, and the development of fabrication and test capability to create systems  demonstrators using the transfer print technology.

The post will be best suited to candidates with expertise in semiconductor device fabrication and characterisation, a solid background in semiconductor photonics, and who can demonstrate a strong enthusiasm for pushing back the boundaries of heterogeneous integration and its applications. We are seeking a candidate with a PhD in semiconductor materials and device technology (or equivalent experience). A background in semiconductors physics or engineering is essential.

For further details and an application form: