Research Updates

July 2020

Purcell enhancement of a deterministically coupled quantum dot in an SU-8 laserpatterned photonic crystal heterostructure.

Enhancement of single photon source emission through cavity quantum electrodynamics is key to the realization of applicable emitters in
many quantum optics technologies. In this work, we present a flexible and convenient cavity fabrication process that writes a SU-8 microstrip onto a photonic crystal waveguide deterministically, in which InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots are present as emitters. The strip cavity is laser patterned at the location of a quantum dot with a chosen emission wavelength. Micro- photoluminescence studies are undertaken, which demonstrate an enhanced emission intensity by a factor of 2.1 with weak coupling to a single quantum dot, and time-resolved photoluminescence further shows a Purcell  enhancement factor of 2.16. The fabrication process is, thus, verified as a reliable recipe to introduce deterministic cavity coupling to a chosen quantum dot.

Read full article: Purcell enhancement of a deterministically coupled quantum dot …5.0018673