Research Updates

June 2023

MOVPE studies of zincblende GaN on 3C-SiC/Si(001)

Published June 2023. Journal of Crystal Growth. Wade, TJ et al.

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March 2023

Decoupling of the many-body effects from the electron mass in GaAs by means of reduced dimensionality.

Published March 2023. Physical Review B. Vianez, PMT et al.

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February 2023

Observation of large spontaneous emission rate enhancement of quantum dots in a broken-symmetry slow-light waveguide.

Published February 2023. NPJ Quantum Information. Siampour, H et al.

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January 2023

Exploring the formation of InAs(Bi)/GaAs QDs at two growth-temperature regimes under different Bi supply conditions.

Published January 2023. Applied Surface Science. Flores, S et al.

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November 2022

Droplet epitaxy of InAs/InP quantum dots via MOVPE by using an InGaAs interlayer

Published November 2021. Nanotechnology Volume 33. Elisa M Sala et al 2022.

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October 2022

Two-particle time-domain interferometry in the fractional quantum Hall effect regime

Published October 2022. Nature Communications. Taktak, I et al.

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July 2022

Optimal Purification of a Spin Ensemble by Quantum-Algorithmic Feedback

Published July 2022. Physical Review X. Jackson, DM et al.

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May 2022

Control of Morphology and Substrate Etching in InAs/InP Droplet Epitaxy Quantum Dots for Single and Entangled Photon Emitters

Published May 2022. ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2022. Gajjela et al.

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April 2022

Influence of Al (x) Ga1-x N nucleation layers on MOVPE-grown zincblende GaN epilayers on 3C-SiC/Si(001)

Published April 2022. Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics. Gundimeda et al.

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February 2022

Nanoscale wafer patterning using SPM induced local anodic oxidation in InP substrates

Published February 2022. Semiconductor Science and Technology. Ovenden, C et al.

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