Our Mission

The mission for the EPSRC National Epitaxy Facility is to provide an outstanding service for the provision of III-V and Group IV semiconductor epitaxial materials, structures and devices to enable the UK’s research community to compete at the highest levels on the world-stage in this highly active field.

The National Epitaxy Facility will provide a comprehensive cutting edge epitaxy service for both Group III-V and Group IV communities.  Our objectives include providing a service which will:

  • enable UK University research through provision of high quality semiconductor epitaxy for custom designed structures and devices
  • supply all the important III-V materials as well as Group IV epitaxy and hybrid III-V/Group IV epitaxy
  • provide comprehensive characterisation and documentation of wafers to ensure quality, accuracy, uniformity and performance
  • ensure quality and a rapid response to the needs of users and EPSRC in the provision of the research service in line with Key Performance Indicators
  • provide expert advice in all aspects of semiconductor growth, characterisation and initial device processing including advice and training on design of epilayer structures and device processing techniques

The NEF Team