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April 2019

Article published in Science ‘Quantum interface of an electron and a nuclear ensemble’, Gangloff et al.

Coherent excitation of an ensemble of quantum objects underpins quantum many-body
phenomena and offers the opportunity to realize a memory that stores quantum information.
Thus far, a deterministic and coherent interface between a spin qubit and such an ensemble has
remained elusive. In this study, we first used an electron to cool the mesoscopic nuclear
spin ensemble of a semiconductor quantum dot to the nuclear sideband–resolved
regime.We then implemented an all-optical approach to access individual quantized
electronic-nuclear spin transitions. Lastly, we performed coherent optical rotations of a
single collective nuclear spin excitation—a spin wave. These results constitute the
building blocks of a dedicated local memory per quantum-dot spin qubit and promise a
solid-state platform for quantum-state engineering of isolated many-body systems.

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