Research Updates

November 2018

Wide Frequency Tuning of Continuous Terahertz Wave Generated by Difference Frequency Mixing under … by Kojima, et al

Continuous terahertz wave sources with narrow bandwidth and wide frequency tunability enable high-resolution terahertz spectroscopy and high-speed information communication. In this study, using the optical nonlinearity of excitons as the source of second-order nonlinear polarization, we realize a continuous terahertz electromagnetic wave demonstrating wide frequency tunability from 0.1 to 18 THz without a decrease in intensity due to phonon scattering. Because of excitation of two exciton states in a GaAs/AlAs multiple quantum well using two continuous-wave lasers, terahertz waves are emitted as a result of difference-frequency mixing, where the intensity shows a square dependence on the excitation intensity. Using the inhomogeneous width of exciton lines, we achieve wide frequency tunability without phonon effects.

Read full paper: Wide frequency tuning of continuous terahertz wave generated by difference frequency mixing … 2018 PhysRevApplied.10.044035