Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE)

MBE growth within the National Epitaxy Facility is provided by the University of Sheffield.

There are three MBE growth reactors: two VG V90 machines and one VG  V80 machine.
The two V90 MBE tools can grow on multiple 2 inch, single 3 inch and up to 4 inch wafers, with automatic wafer loading. The V80 is a manual system suitable for individual wafer growth with 2 inch wafer capability. We routinely grow arsenides, phosphides, antimonies, dilute nitrides and dilute bismide epitaxial structures.

Structures and devices include:

  • GaAs based heterostructures: GaAs, AlGaAs,GalnAs, GalnP
  • In based heterostructures: InP, GalnAs, AllnAs, GaAlAsSb
  • InAs/GaSb based heterostructures: InAs, GaAlSb, InAsSb
  • InGaAs based quantum dots on GaAs and InP
  • Dilute nitride: GalnNAs/Bulk, QW and QW lasers
  • Quantum cascade lasers QWIP, QDIP structures
  • Optoelectronic devices: Lasers, LEDs, photodetectors, APDs, optical modulator, SOA
  • Electronic devices: HEMTs, HBT, RTDs
  • Bismides

External characterization capabilities include:

  • high resolution X-ray diffractometry
  • photoluminescence/photoluminescence mapping
  • AFM and
  • Nomarski optical microscopy.