Metal-Organic Vapour Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE)

MOVPE of arsenides, phosphides and atimonides based materials in semiconductors within the Facility is based around our 6 wafer Thomas Swan showerhead reactor and the two wafer horizontal MR350 machines.  The Facility can provide the eipitaxy that supports a wide range of device structures for world leading semiconductor physics and engineering research in the UK.

A wide range of III-V epitaxial materials is covered, composed of Ga, Al, In, As, P plus Si n-dopants and Zn and C p-dopants.  Both lattice matched and strained combinations are available.  The material combinations and the types of structures we grow include: (Al,Ga,In) As, (Al,Ga,In) P, (Al,Ga,In)AsP, (Al,Ga,In)Sb, (Al,Ga,In)AsSb, (AlGaIn)N. Group IV structures include Si, SiGe, SiGeSn. Dopants: Sb, P, B.

Structures and devices include:

  • edge and emitting and vertical cavity structures
  • disk VECSEL lasers
  • nanowires
  • epitaxial overgrowth structures
  • quantum dot and quantum well devices
  • quantum cascade lasers (a world first grown by MOVPE).

External characterisation capabilities include:

  • high resolution X-ray diffractometry
  • photoluminescence/photoluminescence mapping
  • AFM and
  • Nomarski optical microscopy.